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ATI Catalyst Display Driver (Windows XP-32 Bit) Update

The Catalyst Display driver for Windows XP was recently updated to the latest version to further satisfy consumers with an enhanced, more powerful and reliable performance.

The 11.4 version of the AMD display driver was released last April 28,2011 and since then, more than 1 million computer users have already downloaded it since they did not have to pay for anything to acquire the said driver.

The latest version added a new Eyefinity setup group to allow users to set up three different portrait display modes. An AMD Catalyst update notification was also added, together with a few performance enhancements that are seen with the AMD HD 6800  Series and AMD HD 6900 Series. Aside from new features, the latest version also included bug fixes to enhance the display driver’s performance

Click here to update your ATI Catalyst Display Driver.

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