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Microsoft IntelliType Pro 7.0 (64-bit) Driver Update

The keyboard is one of the vital parts of a computer. While it is also one of the most useful input devices, not everyone find some of the keys very useful. That is why they are trying to find a solution that allows them to make use of those keys.

One effective way to resolve this kind of problem is to find the correct hardware driver. While there numerous programs are available on the Internet, it is important that you should find the right driver for your hardware, especially if your computer is running on a 64-bit operating system.

Microsoft IntelliType is an input device driver that can enhance the functionality of computer keyboards. The manufacturer did not only make this software exclusively for Windows, you can also install this on a computer that runs on Mac OS X.

IntelliType supports various keyboard models, including those that come as part of the desktop sets as well as entertainment keyboards like those made for Media center. However, some features could only be available to a few models. If the keyboard features multimedia buttons, the user can set them to open any application or execute a set of commands, such as copy or paste. On-screen displays of volume level changing as well as NumLock/CapsLock toggling are also present on some keyboards.

The 64-bit version of Microsoft IntelliType Pro update 7.0 was released on June 09, 2009. Like its 32-bit counterpart, this program was proven to be able to disable media key functions of third-party media applications like iTunes and Media Jukebox when they are not the main application of focus. This hardware driver can be installed on computers that run on Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x64 or Windows 7 x64.

Aside from redefining the functions of each key on your keyboard, Intellitype can also let you set the software’s automatic updates. You may also choose to join in their customer experience improvement program to ensure that you get the best quality service. To install Intellitype on your computer, simply click on this link to download the installer and just follow the installation instructions.

In addition, if you think that your keyboard is not the only hardware that needs to be updated, you might want to try the Driver Update Utility. This piece of software scans your entire computer system and check if they are still up-to date. Simply click on this link to download the program right away.

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