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How To Root Your Nook Tablet

If you already have a and you plan of using it to its full potential, one of the first things that you need to do is to root it, to allow Android ROM to run on your tablet.

Below is a step by step instruction on how to root your Nook Tablet on a . Before doing this, make sure that all your drivers are updated and compatible with your current OS, so that it will be easier to root your device.

Enable the USB debugging mode

If you have already tried rooting other Android devices, you should now know the enabling the USB debugging mode is one of the most important steps that you need to do, in order to hack your Nook tablet. This is usually easy to find, although it is hidden on the Nook Tablet. To enable it, download the APK and install it. It will open a message saying, ‘Install Blocked’. All you need to do is click the Settings in order to access the hidden settings menu. Check the box to allow installation for sources that are unknown. Finally, hit the ‘Development’ option and check the two boxes for USB debugging.

Download and extract

Download the necessary USB drivers. Make sure that you check first whether or not they are compatible with your OS.

Install the drivers

After downloading the drivers, install everything by opening your Device Manager.


Run the , where a dialogue pop up will show the device number. Click ‘Y’ to continue, and then again for rooting the device.

Install Apps via the

The same NookandZergy.bat window will display a command prompt asking whether or not you wan to install gApps on your device. Click ‘Yes’. After doing so, restart your Nook Tablet to finish the installation process.

After it has successfully rebooted, disconnect the device from your PC. You will then see that your Nook Tablet is now running on a third-party launcher, where you can access different apps and download them from the Android Market.

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