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GorMedia MoreCam Driver Update

Let’s say you have three communication applications running simultaneously like Skype, CamFrog, and Yahoo Messenger. Then you happen to be carrying out video calls or chats in each one. The typical procedure would be to add a virtual webcam so that both programs have a video feed. The MoreCam driver from GorMedia (Gorgeous Media) however lets you skip this procedure entirely because it splits the video stream directly on the webcam hardware and shares it with multiple applications.

Another great attraction of this enhanced webcam driver is the capacity to apply plug and play video effects. This can certainly make your video calls and chat sessions a completely more dynamic experience. Other features that this driver provides are customizable output resolution which includes HD, support for various communication and instant messaging programs, and support for specific types of color space outputs. MoreCam is WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) certified so you know it won’t have any issues with your PC.

This available version of MoreCam is 1.0, released September 8, 2011. It is compatible with computers running either on Windows XP or Windows 7. The application is worth $12.00 but there is a trial version you can download here for free.   On the trial, an advertisement bar will display on the output.


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