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EOS Utility Driver Update

EOS Utility makes it easier for photographers, expert or not, to transfer their images from their EOS 30D to their computer. The task is made easier by giving them the option of selecting one image at a time, or selecting all images to transfer.

Another advantage of the said software is that it is also capable of integrating with other photo editing programs such as ZoomBrowser/ImageBrowser or Digital Photo Professional, for a faster and smoother flowing workload. You can even operate your from your personal computer, using the interface cable that comes with the unit.

Canon is responsible with such a genius idea since June 23, 2009 and the latest Version 2.6.1 works on different models as well. Not only will it provide information on your camera’s shutter counter, but also proves to be an important utility that every photographer needs with the following functions:

  • Installation and removal of the program from your computer is straightforward
  • Provides additional information such as date/time, firmware version and owner/artist/copyright strings, if any
  • You can still use your EOSUtility whether your camera is connected or not

If you want a tool that can automatically update not only your EOSUtility but other drivers as well, you can click on the link to download one of the most useful utility tools that your computer needs.


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