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Disc Ejector Driver Update

CD and DVD drive related problems happen more often than other computer hardware issues. If you try to double press the eject button twice, it will only keep the CD or DVD inside rather than to come out. As much as possible, do not press the eject button more than once to prevent damage on your CD/DVD drive or media disc.

If the drive is playing or reading information from the media disc, just give it a few moments to terminate any programs safely until it comes out of the drive. However, if the hardware is not playing the disc, see if the power supply is connected properly to the socket and to the back of the drive.

Restart your computer and try to insert some other discs. If the disc is not ejected after this, restart the PC again, enter the system’s BIOS and see if the drive is registered in the BIOS. Sometimes you have to enter CMOS and enable the drive. If the BIOS still doesn’t register the hardware, it could mean an ATA drive failure.

In some cases, the entire computer shakes and produces noise as the CD’s and DVD’s spin. See if the drive is properly mounted with screws. If the problem only occurs on a few discs, then the problem is more likely on the discs and not on the hardware.

However, if you notice that the problem is with the drive, then you might as well contact a computer support center or you could go online to get some troubleshooting instructions. But before you open your computer, see to it that no software is disabling your drive.

One way to check this is to reboot your PC and hit the eject button on your drive before the system loads right after restarting. Some media player application can lock the eject button. You may want to disable the eject button lock or you can use a disc ejecting software.

Disc Ejector is a small utility software that runs in background and lets you control disc drives using the taskbar. A lot of users damage their disc drives by pushing the tray when inserting a CD or DVD. This program prevents unintentional damage to the drive by automatically opening and closing the drive tray. This is a handy tool for laptop users since it includes features such as scheduled autoclose, enable or disable autorun, view drive & disc information, browse as well as disc insert notification.

You can download the 15-day trial version of Disc Ejector v1.1 or you can purchase its full version for only $10.00. This driver update was released on May 02, 2009 and it is now compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista as well as Windows 7.

Once this software is installed on your computer, a CD icon will appear and right clicking it will give you options like opening and closing the drive tray.

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