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Best Built-in Sound Card

A sound card or an audio card is an example of internal computer hardware. Once a sound card is installed, the computer (with the help of its programs, e.g. Realtek audio driver) is able to send and receive sound or audio signals. One of the most important functions of a sound card is to support audio component of the computer in several multimedia applications. Sound card comes in two different forms, the built-in (into the motherboard) or the expansion type (the one that needs to be associated with expansion card for functionality).

The best built-in sound card manufacturers

AdLib was one of the first sound card supplier for IBM computers. They created the OPL2 sound card which was based from the Yamaha YM3812 sound chip. In the same year (more or less), Creative Labs also released their own sound card version, the Music System. This sounds card was developed based on the Philips SAA 1099 sound chip technology. But the Music System card failed to capture the buyers’ heart and wasn’t that successful in terms of sale even after the company (Creative Labs) renamed it as the Game Blaster and included a popular game called Slipheed in every purchase.

After the unsuccessful Game Blaster sound card, Creative Labs released the card. This sound card is a copy of the Adlib sound card, but with the addition of an audio coprocessor. This addition enables the system to record and replay digital audio. This time, the sound card satisfied the customers’ needs which resulted to very high sales. This success was attributed to the comparable selling price with the previous sound cards, despite the fact that the new version possessed higher specs. Its popularity continued and later on surpassed Adlib sound card in terms of sales.

In the end, the different lines of Sound Blaster sound cards started the new generation of multimedia computer applications. These applications include CD play back, computer games sound and the reproduction of lower quality videos. It also became successful in gaining extensive support that prompted every sound card manufacturers to develop sound cards that are Sound Blaster card compatible. However, with the ever-changing and improving computer technology, a new sound card standard again surpassed the Sound Blaster sound card, the AC’97. Its low-cost and built-in (into the motherboard) features were the main reasons for its success. Nonetheless, the Sound Blaster card is still presently supported by several sound cards for game compatibility purposes.

Some of the best built-in sound cards that are available today are Realtek AC97, Realtek High Definition Audio,and Realtek RTL8139. These sound cards are available online or any computer store in your locality. To take advantage of their full functionality, always download the right sound drivers. Online downloads for Realtek drivers are available for Windows driver and specifically for Windows XP drivers.

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