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360 Advantage Driver Update

The 360 Advantage application was designed in order to provide you a plain emulator for Xbox 360 games. This program enables you to use the Xbox 360 controller on your PC to get the most out of the game. Overall, it lets you play Xbox 360 games, browse the Internet and many more.

Since 360 Advantage can be used on any computer, it lets you enjoy most of the Xbox 360 games, if not all of them is compatible with the emulator. You don’t need to have the Xbox joystick since you can use your keyboard and mouse to control the game. It also lets you customize game profiles when toggling between numerous control combos and the capability to share your control combo.

To get the benefits of the 360 Advantage, you may start getting the driver updates here and install it on your PC. This program will work on Windows 7, Vista as well as on Windows XP. Updated October 20, 2010.


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