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Updating Your Google Chrome Browser For Security Purposes

Every user should take the extra precaution when surfing the World Wide Web, especially since a lot of spammers and other computer users send viruses and worms via the .

Having as your web browser however, will decrease the anxiety of surfing the web, since it automatically updates your browser settings whenever it detects that a newer version is available for download. Since this is done automatically, you are ensured that you are always protected by the most recent security updates.

Manually checking for updates

If you want to manually check for updates, you can do so by clicking the wrench icon on the upper right corner of the browser tool bar. Select the option for Update Google Chrome, and wait until a confirmation dialog to appear. Click Restart and allow the browser to automatically save your opened windows and tabs. Once update is finish, the Google Chrome will automatically reopen the said tabs and windows. You also have the option of not restarting your browser right away.

When updating your Google Chrome browser, you can expect the following:

  • Tab dragging crashes are fixed
  • Updating can fix problems connected with making Google Chrome the default browser for Operating Systems such as
  • Fixed browser crash and memory leak problems
  • Auto detection of encoding is now possible
  • Problems of locked browser due to unresponsive plug in are also fixed
  • Browser update is available in eight different Indic Languages

Updating your Google Chrome Browser is the same as updating drivers of your computer. If you want a tool that will automatically check outdated drivers and upload new ones, you can click on the  link for free download.




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