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Update Your Garmin GPS Drivers Without Internet Connection

is one of the free applications which you can use for updating any of your unit software from home. What makes it attractive to consumers is its simple interface that makes it possible for even amateur computer users to upgrade their operating software quickly.

WebUpdater can be accessed by connecting your to the computer, run the program and follow the screen prompts that will appear. The program will ask you for confirmation of the update you want to perform, so that it will download the update data and install it automatically on your GPS. This will allow you to check and install updates even without Internet connection.

As long as you have the WebUpdater, you no longer have to constantly check for updates since the device will check for its own update before downloading and performing other unit updates. Compared to the older versions, you are no longer required to download the WebUpdater every single time you update a unit software. Once you have successfully installed it to your computer, all you need to do is run the program and update away.

How to download and Install WebUpdater

After downloading the WebUpdater, follow the screen prompts instructing you how to install the application to your computer.

Most Garmin products, excluding Pocket PC and Palm devices, chartplotters, marine units, fish finders, and other discounted items, can be updated using the WebUpdater. Always keep in mind that although the WebUpdater can update unit software, it is not capable of performing Beta updates.

Connect your Garmin GPS to your PC and run the WebUpdater

After successfully installing the WebUpdater to your PC, all you need to do next is connect your Garmin GPS device to your PC every time you want to update a unit software from your computer.

Aside from the WebUpdater, if you want a utility that will make it easier for you to locate and install the compatible driver for your system, you can click on the link. Doing so will also enable your system to update automatically any outdated system drivers your computer has.

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