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Getting To Know Version Intel Chipset Device Software

The Version is now available for download and this is important when it comes to installing Window INF files. Before proceeding, you should know that INF updates made by Intel are not ‘drivers’ exactly but rather, are updates for other important files that direct Windows when it comes to using hardware devices that are Intel integrated.

If however you still haven’t experienced any issues with your hardware devices, then doing such updates isn’t really necessary.

The Version of the Intel Chipset Device software is available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows XP. Before hitting that download button, make sure that you know what type of file you need: either 32-bit or 64-bit driver file.

Below are the Intel chipsets that this download is applicable for, so make sure that you check if your device is included before downloading the update:

  • Intel 875P Chipset
  • Intel 865 Chipset Family
  • Intel 848P Chipset
  • Intel E7210 Chipset
  • Intel 6300ESB I/O Controller Hub
  • Intel 915 Express Chipset Family
  • Intel 925X Express Chipset Family
  • Intel 910 Express Chipset Family
  • Intel E7525 Chipset
  • Intel E7520 Chipset
  • Intel E7320 Chipset
  • Intel E7520 Chipset (embedded)
  • Intel E7221 Chipset
  • Mobile Intel 910GML Express Chipset
  • Mobile Intel 915 Express Chipset Family
  • Intel 945 Express Chipset Family
  • Intel E7230 Chipset
  • Intel E8500 Chipset
  • Intel 975X Express Chipset
  • Intel E8501 Chipset
  • Intel 965 Express Chipset Family
  • Intel 946 Express Chipset Family
  • Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family
  • Intel 3 Series Chipsets
  • Mobile Intel 915GME Express Chipset
  • Mobile Intel 945GME Express Chipset
  • Mobile Intel GME965 Express Chipset
  • Intel Q35 Express Chipset (embedded)
  • Intel 915GV Express Chipset (embedded)
  • Intel 945G Express Chipset (embedded)
  • Intel Q965 Express Chipset (embedded)
  • Intel 4 Series Chipset
  • Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family
  • Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset (embedded)
  • Mobile Intel 945GSE Express Chipset (embedded)
  • Intel Q45 Express Chipset (embedded)
  • Intel X58 Express Chipset
  • Intel 5 Series Chipset
  • Mobile Intel 5 Series Chipset
  • Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset
  • Mobile Intel HM57 Express Chipset
  • Mobile Intel QM57 Express Chip
  • Mobile Intel QS57 Express Chipset
  • Intel 82801HM I/O Controller Hub (ICH8M)
  • Intel 6 Series Chipset
  • Intel NM10 Express Chipset
  • Mobile Intel 6 Series Chipset
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