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Finding A Driver’s Version Number in Windows XP

One of the first things that you need to know about device drivers  would be its version number, so that you know whether or not it already needs installation of new updates or not. If you are planning to update a device driver in Windows XP, you need to check the current version number and compare it with the latest version available, because you might have the latest or best version for the hardware already installed on your computer.

If you are unsure on how to check the device driver’s version number, below are easy to follow steps on how you can do it.

1. Open the from the Control Panel

2. Locate the device that you are looking for. This could be done by working through the hardware categories and clicking the ‘+’ icon.

3. After successfully locating the device whose version is you are looking for, right click the name or icon and click on its Properties.

4. Click the Driver tab and look for the Driver Version among the other information stated about the driver. Usually, this is located above the big buttons.

Do keep note however, that you should also pay close attention to the Driver Provider as well. This is because it is highly likely that the device driver currently installed on your computer’s system is a default driver that has little value compared to other .

When downloading device drivers, do remember to make sure that you correctly choose between the 32 bit and 64 bit device drivers since the device won’t work if you downloaded the wrong version.

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