Update Fax Drivers for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7


Fax is a shortened term for facsimile or telefacsimile, a device that copies documents and transmits it through a telephone line to a receiving fax machine. Upon reception of the image, the receiving device reproduces a black-and-white image of the original document. Similar to other hardware, it needs a driver to serve as a communication line between the fax-modem and the computer.

Fax drivers like those of CanonPanasonic, and Toshiba differ in function, depending on the class of the fax-modem. The class then determines the amount of work coming from the computer’s processing unit. Class 1 fax drivers rely the session management on the computer – message copying and transmittal – as well as its compression functions; Class 3 fax drivers do most of the work independent of the CPU; and Class 2 fax-modems are somewhere between. The optimal results for a good fax driver and modem are a transfer rate of 2,400 to 33,600 bits per second and an ability to encode and decode compressed data.

Regardless of the class of the fax driver, it is necessary for the computer and the fax-modem to run together properly for the seamless transfer of data.

Common Problems

Listed below are the most common problems users experience about fax drivers.

  • Fax driver is in conflict or in competition with other previously installed device drivers
  • Incorrectly installed driver for a specific brand of fax-modem
  • Driver files are corrupted
  • Previously installed driver files cannot be synchronized with another fax machines
  • Text and/or images cannot be converted to a fax-readable image


Installation of the fax drivers on the computer before connecting the fax machine to the computer, usually through a PCI slot, is needed. Otherwise, there is a tendency for the system to work without recognizing that a fax device is connected, or worse, the system may crash. While recent releases of operating systems from Windows have some pre-installed fax drivers, it is impossible for the OS manufacturer to offer the files for all kinds of fax-modem drivers.

If a driver is installed but the fax-modem ceases to work, the fax driver files must be corrupted or needs to be updated. Fax machine manufacturers may have software updates every now and then to keep their devices compatible with new operating systems. To keep your drivers updated, one can either contact the device manufacturer on how to get software updates or use a third-party updater. Third-party driver tools do not only automatically update your drivers when a new version is released; they also scan the rest of the drivers for any compatibility issues and check if the driver installed is the compatible one for your device, which in this case, is the fax machine.

Also, you can check if the problem is driver-based or mechanical. To verify if the fax-modem works properly and the hardware itself is not malfunctioning, use the Device Manager. The Device Manager can be found when you right-click My Computer on the Start menu and click Manage. Right-click Modems, choose Properties, and click Diagnostics tab to query your modem. Click here to download our fax driver update tool to help you out.


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