Update AC97 Sound Drivers for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7


AC97 is another term for Audio Codec ’97. Developed in the 90’s, this codec type was designed specifically for sound cards, modems and motherboards. AC97 was created to provide computer users with a specific and integrated audio output. Clearly, it is a deviation if not a viable alternative as compared to DTS, stereo and other audio forms.

AC97 needs a reliable sound driver to perform. The AC97 sound driver refers to a computer program or application that allows the operating system to finally interact with your PC’s sound card. Drivers, in general, work like supporting elements. Without the AC97 sound driver, you won’t be able to play a song or listen to your favorite music video.

Common Problems

Being an audio standard, AC97, in a way, eliminates the need for external sound cards. However, many still find it necessary to add one. Preferences and progressions when it comes to a desired audio system, paves way for possible errors and incompatibilities, resulting to common and frustrating AC97 sound driver problems. Below is a likely list:

  • Inconsistencies when it comes to audio playbacks (e.g. snapping)
  • System crashes
  • Incompatibility with integrated game controllers
  • Audio loss due to incompatibility with the device or operating system


Ensure that you are regularly updating your sound drivers. Keep the AC97 sound driver updated by referring to the manufacturer’s site as well. Ocular inspections are also necessary to ensure that all wires and audio cables are in good working condition and are plugged properly.

Installing AC97 sound drivers is fairly easy. Simply do the following:

  1. Look for a reliable download source via the net. One good example of a valid resource site is Realtek. From there, you will find free download links pertaining to the required software.
  2. Click “Download” and save the installation file on your computer’s Downloads folder.
  3. Once the downloading is finished, double click on the AC97 installation file.
  4. Click “Extract” to start the installation process.

Another recommended step is updating your AC97 sound driver. This will lessen if not fix problems regarding problematic audio devices. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to a valid resource site like Realtek then log onto the Computer Peripheral IC’s page.
  2. Click “PC Audio Codecs” then choose AC97 Audio Codecs.
  3. Click “Software” then click “Next.”
  4. Choose the appropriate operating system from the “Drivers” list. Right click the download then click “Extract.”
  5. Go to “Device Manager”. Right click on the audio device then click on “Properties”. Then go to “Driver” and click “Update Driver.”

As of now, there are available utility tools that could help you find, install and update the right driver for your computer. System drives vary and incompatibility makes problems worse. Knowing the right software to use and install is one thing, but updating and reinstalling the driver is another.

There are various names that make the selection easy. A couple of popular brands include AcerCompaq and Dell.

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