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How to find the best driver for your hardware

Are you confused about drivers? Do you have a device that keeps throwing errors or restarting itself? Ready to pull your hair out? Here are some on how to find the best drivers for your hardware.

Usually, the best drivers are found on the manufacturer’s website. Find the support page of the manufacturer’s web site. Most manufacturer’s will have a button for drivers and updates. Search for your device name/model number and the website will list drivers/updates available for you to download. If after downloading and installing the you continue to have problems, try sending the manufacturer an e-mail detailing the issues you are having. Many updates are developed because of user complaints.

If your hardware is fairly old, the manufacturer might not have the drivers for it in their database of drivers. Try searching the Internet for different websites that have drivers available for download. Include your device manufacturer’s name and model number, and you might find other people posting comments on message boards about what issues/fixes they have found for the same device.

Downloading the latest drivers for your device usually solves the problem. However, there are cases in which the driver will not work. Even a driver from the manufacturer’s website might not work (on rare occasions). You can try to roll back the driver to an older version. Sometimes it won’t have all the new features, but at least your device might work. Are you hesitant to try the older version of your driver? Newer doesn’t necessarily mean better, the best driver is the one your hardware performs best with! Again, try searching the Internet for message boards to see what other people have experienced.

Sometimes you will encounter a problem because the driver files are corrupted. You can solve this by just reinstalling the driver. (It isn’t necessary to upgrade or roll back your driver.) Errors can also be caused by faulty hardware installation. Hardware drivers from the manufacturer’s website should be trusted and preferred over drivers picked randomly off the Web!

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