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How to image a disk or partition for free, using EaseUS ToDo Backup?


This post helps you create a disk image of a drive or partition using the free ToDo Backup. To view the post on how to install ToDo , click here.

1. Start from the Windows Start Menu or from the icon created on the Desktop. The following window would be displayed.


2. Select or click the Backup tab and then click the ‘Disk and ’.


3. The following window appears with a default name and description of the backup task, you’re about to perform. Change the name and description of the task so that it would help you remember what you backed up and what are the contents etc., as shown below, and then click ‘Next’.


4. ToDo Backup asks you to select one or more drives or partitions to backup. Select the ones you wish to backup and click ‘Next’.


5. ToDo Backup asks you to select the destination drive or partition where you want to save your backup. Select it from the list of available drives and partitions and click ‘Next’.

ToDo_Backup_Image_5   ToDo_Backup_Image_6

6. You see the below shown window, showing the schedule settings. Click ‘Next’ to accept the default setting for backing up now.


7. ToDo Backup shows the summary of the backup task it’s about to perform. Click the button labeled ‘Proceed’.


 8. You can see the backup task progress. When it’s finished, click ‘Finish’. The time it takes for the backup depends on the size of the drive or partition and the type of backup, i.e., full, incremental, differential, etc. To know more about what these backup types are and what are the differences between them, view this post.

ToDo_Backup_Image_9 ToDo_Backup_Image_10

 9. When the backup is done, just click ‘Finish’. That’s all. You’ve backed up your disk partition. Now, you can take incremental or differential backups of the same drive or partition, whenever you want or you can schedule ToDo Backup to backup automatically after the time you specify.

You’ve just saved yourself a lot of headache and time it could take if your operating system got corrupted, or your hard drive went bad or your system got infected with a deadly virus or you had to reinstall Windows and software programs for any reason.

Now, whenever you want to restore the backup, it’s a simple click and go process which would only take minutes, compared to many hours and days it could take to installing Windows, software programs and doing all the configuration and personalization for all of them.

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