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How to install ToDo Backup?

1. First, download ToDo Backup installer from EaseUS here and save it to a suitable folder on your hard drive, for example in C:\Downloads. The download file size is about 80 MB in size, so it could take a while to download it.

2. Once the download is complete, double-click the tb_free.exe file to install ToDo Backup, from the location you just saved it in the above step.


3. You’d see the following screen welcoming you. Click the button titled ‘Next’.


4. Accept the license agreement by selecting the appropriate radio button and then click ‘Next’.


5. Some documentation is shown about ToDo Backup. Just click on ‘Next’ to continue the installation.


6. Click ‘Next’ to accept the default installation folder and continue.


7. Once again, click ‘Next’ to continue installation.


8. Setup will start installing all the necessary files and it may take some time. Sit back and relax while it does its work.

ToDo_Setup6     ToDo_Setup7

9. After setup is finished installing, you’d see the following window asking you some details, but you can skip typing in anything and just click ‘Finish’.


10. This would start ToDo Backup and you may want to backup your system or other important drives / partitions. Please view this post if you want to know how to image your drives / partitions.











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