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How to Reset/Remove your Windows XP Administrator Password

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So, you forgot your Windows XP Administrator password? If not, you wouldn’t be reading this post, would you? But well, even if you haven’t forgotten your password and are reading this post, this could help you someday in the future to recover it. So, read on.

Passwords can be hard to remember because many software programs, websites etc. require you to use strong passwords. For example, a website called ClickBank needs its members to have a password with:

  • 2 upper-case letters (e.g., A, B, C, D…)
  • 2 lower-case letters (e.g., a, b, c, d…)
  • 2 numbers (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4…)
  • 2 special characters (e.g., !, @, #, $…)
    A password having all the things noted above would be very difficult to remember. And, there are other passwords that you need to remember. Of course, such difficult passwords help in that they don’t let others log into your accounts, because others can’t guess them.

But how can you remember such long and difficult passwords? One option is to use password programs like RoBoForm which remembers all of your passwords and you just need to remember one master password to log into all of your accounts, programs or websites.

But what if you have forgotten your Windows XP Administrator password? Programs like RoBoForm work only after you’re logged into Windows. So, how do you log into Windows without knowing your Administrator password? Even the Recovery Console cannot help you if you don’t remember the Administrator password. But don’t despair. There is a way out! This article will show you how to remove or change an Administrator password.

1. First of all, make sure that your CD drive is the first boot device. You can do this by entering the BIOS/CMOS setup and changing the boot device. In some computers, pressing a key brings up a boot menu containing a list of boot devices.

2. Either way, insert your Windows XP CD into the CD drive and boot your computer from it. If you receive a message to press any key to boot from CD, just press any key on your keyboard.


3. Windows XP setup will start loading files. Wait till you get the following screen and then press the Enter key to setup Windows. (Don’t worry, nothing from your old Windows XP will get deleted.)


4. Accept the license agreement by pressing the F8 key.


5. After accepting the license agreement, you will be asked if you want start a Repair process. Press R to start the Repair process.


6. Windows XP Setup will now check your hard disks for any errors and after that, it will start copying files. Let it do this step. This may take some time, so have patience.

WindowsXP_Setup_FileCopy1    WindowsXP_Setup_FileCopy2

7. After the file copying is done, the computer will reboot. Let it reboot and then boot normally. If you’re asked to press a key to boot from CD, don’t press a key this time. Let it boot from the hard disk on its own.


8. After the computer reboots, Windows XP setup starts installing (repairing) Windows, as shown below.


9. Keep an eye on the bottom left-hand side of the setup screen. When you see a green progress bar saying “Installing Devices”, press the SHIFT + F10 key (i.e., keep the SHIFT key pressed and then press the F10 function key).


10. This would open a command prompt window wherein you can type commands. If the current folder, as shown below, is not C:\Windows, just type cd .. to come out into that folder. You may also type cd\windows to go into the Windows folder.

Now, while in the command prompt, type the command NUSRMGR.CPL and then press the Enter key.


12. The User Accounts window opens. Click on “Change an account” and then select the Administrator account.


13. When you see the below screen, asking you what do you want to change about Administrator’s account, click “Change the password”. 


14. Now in the next screen, type a new password for the administrator’s account. You may even leave it blank if you want to, but it’s not recommended. Type the new password once again to confirm. You may type a password hint in the space provided. Now, just press the Enter key to change the password to your new password and then close the User Accounts window.


15. If you just want that Windows should not ask you for the administrator password, open a command prompt by pressing SHIFT + F10 key, as above, but instead of NUSRMGR.CPL, type CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2. When you get the following screen, just uncheck the checkbox which says “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer. From now on, Windows won’t ask you any password for any user.


16. Type the command, exit in the command prompt window to exit it.


 17. The installation process would continue. On the following screen, just click ‘Next’. Or, if you want to change the regional and language options, click the customize button and do so. Once you’re done, click ‘Next’.


 18. Windows XP Setup continues to install Windows and finishes in a few minutes.

WindowsXP_Setup_Registering_Components   WindowsXP_Setup_Saving_Settings

 19. After saving the settings, the computer restarts and then you get a welcome screen as shown below. Click Next.


 20. You may or may not want to turn on automatic updates. Select your choice and then click Next.


 21. when asked for registering with Microsoft, select “No, not at this time” and then click Next. 


 22. On the thank you screen, click Finish. 


23. You get the following screen, asking you to logon by clicking your username.


24. At this point, press Ctrl-Alt-Del twice to get the following logon screen and then change the username to Administrator. Provide the password you just changed and click OK. Leave it blank if you removed your Administrator password.


25. Windows XP starts normally and you can start working. 


Update Your Keyboard Driver

December 5th, 2011 No comments

Updating your keyboard’s driver is one of the most essential steps that you need if you want to ensure that your computer works at its best all the time. However, there would be times where locating your keyboard’s driver can be hard and searching for an updated driver can be a challenge. If you want a tool that will do all these jobs for you, click on the  link for a free download.

Downloading driver tools is one of the most efficient ways of ensuring that you keep your drivers updated and manage them effectively. By having your own driver update software, you can scan your drivers and see which ones need updating.

Updating other software drivers

Whether the driver of  your keyboard is already outdated or your speakers aren’t working the way that they should be, a driver update software package will fix it for you.

It is a given fact that the mouse and the keyboard are the most used computer hardware components and since there are different types of these devices available in the market, it is of extreme importance that you download the necessary drivers to make them work properly.

Updating your keyboard’s driver

Updating the driver of your keyboard can be done in three steps:

  • Update your driver by clicking on the ‘Administrative Tools’ option from the Start Menu. Choose the Computer Management option, where you will find the Device Driver menu.
  • Expand the Keyboards to show your currently installed hardware. Right click on it and select ‘Update Driver’
  • Wait for the download to finish and restart your computer or laptop to finish the process.
  • Repeat Step 1 and select the expansion node next to “Mice” to show the list of installed computer mice. Right-click on a desired mouse and select “Update Driver.”

Read more: How to Repair Mouse & Keyboard Drivers |


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Bluetooth Driver Update

December 5th, 2011 No comments

Bluetooth is one of the technologies widely used nowadays, since it allows short-range communication between wireless devices such as PDAs, tablets and mobile phones. In fact, computer devices such as the keyboard and mouse also uses this kind of technology to allow wireless utility for laptops and desktop computers.

Keeping your Bluetooth driver updated using driver software update package can be really helpful, especially if it is paired with the right brand and model. This will allow you to command your mobile phone to dial a number, without lifting a finger. All that is left for you to do is listen to your Bluetooth headset for a response from the other line.

Why it is important to update your Bluetooth driver

More of today’s electronic devices uses Bluetooth technology to give consumers the convenience that they are all looking for. If the driver is updated properly, you can use its voice recognition software that will allow you to use you device without lifting a finger, while on the road or doing something else.

Another great feature that voice biometrics can offer is it can determine the identity of the person who is driving the vehicle. Once the Bluetooth voice recognition technology and its driver is properly installed and updated, it can be used to customize the vehicle, radio stations, seat position, and other settings based on the driver’s preferences.



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Update Your Modem Driver In Five Steps

December 2nd, 2011 No comments

A modem is a hardware device that is connected internally or externally on your computer. It receives and sends data over cable and phone lines, and is usually used for connecting to the Internet. Modem drivers on the other hand, are software programs that allow proper communication between your computer’s operating system and the modem.

Failing to update your modem driver may lead to problems such as malfunctioning of the device and crashing of your operating system. By updating your modem driver, you can improve the performance of your modem and at the same time, fix any bugs in your old driver version. Below is an easy to follow instruction on downloading and installing updated modem driver.

Updating your modem driver

  • Connect to the internet and search for the latest driver of your modem. You can do this by visiting the modem’s manufacturer website or by searching Google or Yahoo. You can also use our driver installer to automatically identify and download the correct driver for your modem.
  • Click the Start button which can be found on the lower left corner of your computer’s screen, and click the ‘Control Panel’ option
  • In the Control Panel option, you will find the Hardware and Sound icon. Click it and choose Device Manager.
  • Click the ‘+’ sign to expand the ‘Modems’ option. Look for your modem’s name and right click on the icon. Choose the ‘Uninstall’ option and click OK to confirm. The next thing that you need to do is restart your computer to completely uninstall your current modem driver
  • Open the modem driver file you recently downloaded and start the installation process. After successfully installing the modem driver, restart your computer to complete the process.

Besides making sure that your modem driver is updated, you also need to constantly update your computer drivers. This can be done easier if you have a tool that will check for automatic updates, and download the software for you. Interested? Click on the link for free download.



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