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Acer Crystal Eye Webcam Driver Update

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The Acer Crystal Eye Webcam is an integral part of most Acer laptops. People who always go out on a business trip will find its features very useful, especially when they have to report about their status from distant places. However, in order to use the webcam, the right webcam driver and software has to be installed.

The webcam has a 1.3 megapixel resolution for taking excellent pictures. This webcam also contains extra features that let users determine the size of images before being captured. The fact that it can capture still images, this webcam can also be used for surveillance purposes.

With Acer Crystal Eye webcam, users can experience good quality communication through internet video conference. Acer webcam users can be able to start single online broadcasts. The webcam can be used with programs such as AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger among others. Users can even add backdrops or even visual effects to their video before uploading them to their websites or any social networking site. It is also possible for many users make their very own movie with the Acer crystal eye webcam. This is also of course with the help of the Acer arcade deluxe or Acer arcade software.

The Acer Crystal Eye webcam gives laptop users the option to capture still images and record full motion video. As you open the laptop, you will notice a small camera at the center of the laptop’s bezel. When taking still images or video, its compact and lightweight features let the user swivel the device around to take the necessary shots. The Acer Crystal Eye webcam utility that comes with the laptop works as the webcam’s only way to function properly.

To install the webcam, go to the Control Panel > “Add New Hardware” and then select the webcam. If the driver is not already installed, it can be automatically installed online by the manufacturers (vendors) website, or you can install it manually. To begin with, download the Acer Crystal Eye Webcam driver from a reliable site. You don’t have to worry about paying anything since it’s all free. Once you have downloaded the software, installation is as easy with just a few clicks. This update was released June 30, 2011.

You can download the Acer Crystal Eye Webcam Driver v by simply visiting on this site. This driver is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista or later. Users are advised to update the drivers on a regular basis.

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Best Built-in Sound Card

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A sound card or an audio card is an example of internal computer hardware. Once a sound card is installed, the computer (with the help of its programs, e.g. Realtek audio driver) is able to send and receive sound or audio signals. One of the most important functions of a sound card is to support audio component of the computer in several multimedia applications. Sound card comes in two different forms, the built-in (into the motherboard) or the expansion type (the one that needs to be associated with expansion card for functionality).

The best built-in sound card manufacturers

AdLib was one of the first sound card supplier for IBM computers. They created the OPL2 sound card which was based from the Yamaha YM3812 sound chip. In the same year (more or less), Creative Labs also released their own sound card version, the Music System. This sounds card was developed based on the Philips SAA 1099 sound chip technology. But the Music System card failed to capture the buyers’ heart and wasn’t that successful in terms of sale even after the company (Creative Labs) renamed it as the Game Blaster and included a popular game called Slipheed in every purchase.

After the unsuccessful Game Blaster sound card, Creative Labs released the Sound Blaster card. This sound card is a copy of the Adlib sound card, but with the addition of an audio coprocessor. This addition enables the system to record and replay digital audio. This time, the sound card satisfied the customers’ needs which resulted to very high sales. This success was attributed to the comparable selling price with the previous sound cards, despite the fact that the new version possessed higher specs. Its popularity continued and later on surpassed Adlib sound card in terms of sales.

In the end, the different lines of Sound Blaster sound cards started the new generation of multimedia computer applications. These applications include CD play back, computer games sound and the reproduction of lower quality videos. It also became successful in gaining extensive support that prompted every sound card manufacturers to develop sound cards that are Sound Blaster card compatible. However, with the ever-changing and improving computer technology, a new sound card standard again surpassed the Sound Blaster sound card, the AC’97. Its low-cost and built-in (into the motherboard) features were the main reasons for its success. Nonetheless, the Sound Blaster card is still presently supported by several sound cards for game compatibility purposes.

Some of the best built-in sound cards that are available today are Realtek AC97, Realtek High Definition Audio,and Realtek RTL8139. These sound cards are available online or any computer store in your locality. To take advantage of their full functionality, always download the right sound drivers. Online downloads for Realtek drivers are available for Windows driver and specifically for Windows XP drivers.

There is good news for computer users who want a hassle-free and faster way in downloading drivers. All you need is to download our Driver Scan Utility. With this program, your system will be able to find and download the right drivers for your hardware. It also automatically updates any outdated hardware you have.


How to Fix “Task Manager has been Disabled by Your Administrator”?

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I can’t access Folder Options in Windows Explorer. Task Manager and Registry Editing is also disabled. I get an error dialog box which says that they are disabled by the administrator. How do you solve this hell?

This is a common problem in Windows. When you open the Task Manager, it doesn’t open and the option is grayed out. Sometimes, only the Task Manager is disabled, but many times the registry editing and folder options are also disabled.

taskmanager_toolbar_ menu

Trying to run the Task Manager using the RUN dialog box shows the following error:


Running it with the Windows shortcut Ctrl-Alt-Del or Ctrl-Shift-Esc keys has no effect.

If your computer is part of a local network or if you are not a computer administrator, it’s possible that the administrator has disabled or restricted it using the registry editor or the group policy.

In case you are the sole user of your computer, it’s most likely that your system is infected with a virus, which has disabled the Task Manager. Many times, the registry editor and the folder options in Windows Explorer are also disabled.

Once you’ve removed the virus, follow the simple step given below to restore the Task Manager again.

Copy and paste the following into the RUN dialog box and press the Enter key (or click OK):

REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

If the above command doesn’t work or gives an error saying that the registry has been disabled by the administrator, download and run the small utility to enable the Task Manager from here.

Here’s a VB script which also enables the Task Manager. Download it from here, then unzip and run it by double-clicking on it.

If Registry editor is also disabled, then download, unzip and run the VB script to enable it.

For enabling Folder Options, download, unzip and run this VB script.

Manual and Automatic Device Driver Updating

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Getting a new piece of computer hardware can be one of the most exciting things we can experience in the modern age. It might be a snazzy new printer you’ve picked out to showcase your creative skills, or maybe it’s a brand new video card that will let you play the latest games at the highest graphical detail and frame rates possible. However, more often than not, our expectations hit a brick wall when it actually comes time to install your device and getting it working properly.

A Software Problem

These days, when hardware refuses to work, the weak link isn’t so much the components but rather the software that drives them, which are called drivers. Almost every new piece of computer hardware ships with an install CD of some kind, usually containing the required drivers plus maybe some bundled application or two as a bonus. Back then, it was a simple, straightforward task to simply install what was on the CD and then simply have your device work the first time you tried it.

These days however, the devices have become so much more complex, and so has the software required to run it properly. These more complex drivers are more prone to be buggy, especially during initial release, which means that at one point in any device’s life, you will have to update your hardware’s drivers.

Updated is Better

Most manufacturers will usually release several driver upgrades throughout the life of a product. These updates gradually get rid of all the bugs, add extra features, or might even improve device functionality beyond its original specifications. Surprisingly, few people know about such updates when they become available, leaving many stuck with hardware that either doesn’t work or is severely hampered in functionality.

How to Update Your Drivers

You can update your Windows drivers in two ways: manually or automatically. The process of manually updating your drivers entails that you first identify exactly what model of device you own. Go to the manufacturer’s website, and then locate their downloads or support page. Look for the section which lists the drivers for the specific model of the device that you have. Download the driver version that suits both your device and your operating system. Take note whether or not you’re running a 32-bit or 64-bit OS. Install the driver, and you should be a simple system restart away from getting your device up and running.

Automatic updates, by their definition, are faster and require less work. A program detects whether or not your device driver is compatible or out of date, and then searches the internet on its own, selects the right driver, downloads it, and in some cases, even installs it for you. While most people are quick to opt for the automatic solution, the manual method does allow you more control when it comes to what you install on your PC, and might be the preferred method of more advanced computer users.

Whatever method you choose, you can pick up all the latest device drivers from this website, which lists drivers for all types of devices, saving you the trouble of a prolonged online search. Click here to use a Driver Scan Tool that will make it fast and easy for you to update all your drivers.

Benefits of Updated Windows Drivers

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Have you ever had trouble with any of the hardware attached to your PC? Maybe it’s a printer that won’t get recognized, a USB drive that can’t get read, or maybe even a video graphics card that won’t display at certain resolutions and settings. More often than not, troubles like these originate, not in the physical hardware itself, but from the software that dictates its interaction with your operating system: the drivers.

The Truth About Drivers

Without the correct set of device drivers, there is absolutely no way that any gadget or peripheral can be recognized, much less used by your PC. Drivers are part of the package you pay for whenever you purchase a piece of computer hardware, which is why they often come bundled with a CD that contains the driver along with some bonus software. However, the software provided by the manufacturer only makes up one part of the equation that makes your hardware run smoothly. Windows has to do its part, too.

Even on its own, Microsoft Windows contains a library of generic drivers that are made to run with as wide a variety of devices as possible. This is the secret behind so-called ‘Plug and Play’ devices that claim to require no drivers. The truth is that the drivers they needed were already installed in the OS to begin with.

However, this only applies to relatively simple and common devices such as flash drives and keyboards. More complex devices require not just the correct driver from the manufacturer, but also the proper amount of native support from your version Windows. This is why certain programs and devices require that a certain Service Packs be installed before you can install them.

Why The Updates?

No piece of software is ever truly perfect when it comes out, and this is especially true for programs as complex as an operating system. This means that bugs get ironed out, security gets beefed up, and overall performance and functionality is improved as these updates are released over an operating system’s lifetime. Updates can even keep old operating systems competitive past its life expectancy, as Windows XP demonstrates, holding onto a significant chunk of the market even after 10 years.

But one often overlooked benefit of updates is the fact that it not only brings the software up to speed, but upgrades the hardware that the operating system can support. Certain devices need the upgraded pre-installed drivers from certain service packs and updates to work, and not even the latest version of the driver from the manufacturer may be able to help.

So Where Do I Get the Updates?

The simplest way of getting updates is to let your operating system do it for you automatically via Windows Update. You can have this utility download and install all updates automatically, or just have it download certain updates that are marked critical. You can also opt to have it just inform you when an update becomes available, or turn it off completely.

Another option is to go and select just the updates you need to get your hardware working. This saves you loads more time, and allows you to retain features that other updates might have removed or disabled. You can get all the Windows drivers you need at this webpage. Or, use our helpful tool for the best results in updating and scanning for new drivers.


Ways to Update Windows Drivers

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As the operating systems with the largest share of the computer-using market, it’s essential for all computer device, gadget, and peripherals manufacturers to make sure that their products are compatible with Microsoft Windows. At the same time, Microsoft also strives to support as many different hardware standards as possible to avoid giving up any more market share to either Apple or Linux. So if you’ve just bought a new device or peripheral and it either can’t be recognized or doesn’t seem to work as well as you thought it would, all you might really need to do is grab the latest Windows updates to solve your problem.

The Importance of Updating Windows

No operating system is ever perfect as it is. Throughout any one operating system’s lifespan, it will go through several different major upgrades that improve its functionality and beef up its security measures. What isn’t as publicized as often is the fact that these Windows updates almost always contain new sets of generic drivers that allow the OS to natively support the latest hardware.

This is especially useful in case you’re running an older version of Windows, such as Windows XP, which, at over a decade old is still the OS of choice for around 40% of internet users. Because of its age, Windows XP is at high risk of being left behind in the field of hardware compatibility, but the extended support provided by Microsoft has kept it competitive even after all these years.

Getting Updated

The simplest way to update your operating system would be to use Microsoft’s own built-in utility, Windows Update. This feature has several settings, allowing you to choose whether or not to download all updates automatically, or to be more selective. It can be set to download only updates that are marked as critical, or it can be set to simply inform you when an update is available for download, leaving you to make the decision whether or not you’ll download it.

If you don’t want to trust any program that automatically downloads and installs things on your computer, you might opt to get it yourself. The updates for all of Microsoft’s officially supported operating systems can be downloaded from this webpage for free. Downloading the updates yourself also gives you the ability to make a copy of the update for distribution among multiple computers, getting rid of the need for all of them to connect to the internet and download them separately.

Updating Your Windows Drivers

Sometimes, all you really want to do is update the hardware drivers. This is because not all of the changes made by the official updates are necessarily welcomed by all users. However, some of the latest hardware on the market can only be installed on systems with the latest Windows updates. To get around that, you can simply download all of the Windows Drivers you need here, allowing you to run the latest devices and peripherals without having to worry to about compatibility issues with your operating system. Download our own tool to update your drivers and ensure all your drivers are current and compatible.

Anatomy of Windows Drivers

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Have you ever wondered why it sometimes seems so difficult to get a new gadget, a new device, or a new peripheral to work with your PC? Have you ever tried using a printer or a scanner and found that its functionality turned out to be just a bit more limited than you were led to expect? If either of these events has happened to you before, then you probably know by now that the main cause of tech headaches such as this is rooted in the Windows driver itself. So just what do drivers do anyway, and why are they so important?

What’s the Big Deal About Drivers?

There are literally hundreds of computer device and manufacturers around the world, each of them made to different designs and specifications. All of these devices need to work with Windows operating systems in order to tap the large market of PC users out there. The thing is, for a device to work with a certain operating system, the two need to speak a common language so that they can interact properly – this is what a driver does.

Drivers are software that allows hardware to be recognized and used by a PC running a certain operating system. This is why almost every piece of computer hardware sold usually comes with a CD that contains all the software you need to install and run it properly. With the right drivers any device, regardless of its age or origin, can be used with your computer without any problems.

Driverless Devices?

You might have noticed that some devices, especially common ones like USB flash drives and input devices such as a computer mouse seem to be what is commonly described as ‘Plug and Play’, meaning they work readily after being plugged into your PC without the need for the driver installation process. The truth is, these devices require drivers as well, it’s just that the drivers are already pre-installed in the Windows operating system itself.

Think about it. Way back then, when flash drives were new and Windows 98 was still the dominant OS on the market, you had to install a driver for every new variety of flash drive you plugged into your PC. The process was, to say the least, quite tedious and bothersome.

When Windows XP came out, generic support for USB storage devices was integrated into the operating system, which allowed users the freedom to use as many different types of flash drives as they wanted.

Update Your Drivers Regularly

Because they’re so important to the smooth function of your PC and its attendant gadgets and peripherals, it’s essential that you make sure that you get the latest versions of all your device drivers whenever you can. Updated drivers have the advantage of resolving any bugs and unlocking even greater capabilities from your devices.

You can also improve hardware functionality by updating your copy of Windows as well, since the regular updates and service packs Microsoft releases often include more generic drivers for common devices as well as better native support for other peripherals. Use our Driver Scan Tool to scan and update the drivers in your computer, it might very well save you problems down the road.

Realtek Milestones and History

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Taiwan’s one of the biggest semiconductor companies started in 1987. The company is popularly known as the Realtek Semiconductors Corp. This company was created by a small group of young, skilled and determined professionals in the field of engineering. Its main office is situated at Hsinchu Science-based Industrial park. Since the foundation of this company, its growth has been very convincing.

In 2003, the company’s most popular products (10/100M Ethernet controllers), achieved a 70% of the global market share. While their other products such as the AC’97 audio codecs, achieved a 50% global market share. In terms of employment, the company has hired 970 employees from 1987-1998 (March), where more than 72% (700 or more) of the employees were all experts in research and development. This shows the company’s direction and vision in developing more reliable and quality products.

Due to the company’s expertise in IC design and system development, coupled with their broad knowledge and advancement in the field of manufacturing, Realtek has achieved a lot since it started. In addition, Realtek also makes sure that their customers have access to any services such as drivers downloads and updates of their different products (e.g. Realtek Audio Drivers).


Some of the company’s greatest achievements from 1987-2010:


  • Outstanding IT Products Award for RTL8111E PCI-E 10/100/1000M Ethernet Controller
  • Innovative Products Award – RTL8367M Single-Chip 5+2-Port 10/100/1000M Switch Controller awarded by the Hsinchu Science Park Administration
  • ‘Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 Award’ – Realtek RTL8111E Single-Chip Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  • Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 Award – Realtek ALC899 High Fidelity PC Audio Codec


  • Outstanding I.T Application/Products Award 2009 – RTD1073/1283 Full-HD Digital Media Processor


  • Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Award – RTD2485D All-In-One LCD Monitor Controller


  • Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2007 Award – Realtek’s RTL8111C-GR Single-Chip PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Controller


  • Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2006 Award – Realtek’s High Definition Audio Codec (ALC888 Telecom)


  • Science Park R&D Accomplishment Award, awarded by Hsinchu Science Park Administration


  • Innovative Product Award from the Hsinchu Science Park Administration – All-CMOS IEEE 802.11a/b/g Dual-Band Triple-Mode WLAN Chipsets with USB 2.0 Interface(RTL8187L﹢RTL8255)


  • Innovative Product Award from the Hsinchu Science Park Administration – Single-Chip Gigabit Ethernet Controllers(RTL8169S/RTL8110S)


  • Best Choice of Computex award at Computex-Taipei 2002 – Realtek’s 6-Channel AC’97 Audio Codec


  • Component Design – Multi-mode Single-Chip 10/100M Fast Ethernet Controller, awarded by EDN Asia Magazine


  • Innovative Product Award from the Hsinchu Science Park Administration – Realtek’s 8-port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Switch Controller with Embedded Memory(RTL8308)


  • Innovative Product Award from the Hsinchu Science Park Administration – Realtek’s IEEE 1394A 3-port 100/200/400 Mbps Cable Transceiver /Arbiter Chip(ALN 8801

1998 (October)

  • Realtek approved as a listed company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange


  • Innovative Product Award from the Hsinchu Science Park Administration – Realtek’s Single-Chip Fast Ethernet Controller(RTL8139)


  • Innovative Product Award from the Hsinchu Science Park Administration – Realtek’s RTG3108 High-Performance Window Accelerator Chipset

1987 (October)

  • Realtek foundation

If you are using any of the PC hardware manufactured by Realtek or any company, there is an easy way to optimize their performance. All you need to do is download a tool that automatically locates, installs and updates every driver of your PC.

It is also important that the right driver should be downloaded based on your operating system. Therefore, if your operating system is Windows-based, download your Windows Driver here. Specifically, click here to download Windows XP Drivers.

Realtek Sound Technology – Best Known Sound Device

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We all know that sound quality is a very crucial to every PC user.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore music enthusiast, gamer or just a regular user.  Great sound makes a whole lot of difference in the PC experience.

There are a lot of sound drivers available in the market.  But one of the most widely used ones is Realtek audio drivers because it is believed by a lot of PC users to give the best sound quality as compared to others.

Proud Beginnings

Realtek takes pride in being one of the leading names in Windows XP drivers.  The company, Realtek, has been delivering high quality products and services since its establishment.  In Oct 1995, the company became the first IC design house in Taiwan to achieve ISO-9001 certification.

Realtek is committed to developing innovative products and services that exceed customers’ expectations.  To date, Realtek is top of mind when it comes to sound hardware technology.  The ease of use and accessibility of Realtek drivers has made it a popular Windows driver choice among users and industry players alike.

Product Development

These audio drivers are produced by a team that has extensive systems knowledge and integration expertise.  Realtek ensures that its audio drivers are produced with quality and reliability in mind.  They allot time and budget for research and product development so they can come up with products that are more powerful and seamless.

Realtek is also keen on developing new line of products that will seamlessly integrate key components such as micro controllers, DSP, RISC, PLL, RFIC, and embedded memories.  Users can expect better quality sound hardware they can use for their PCs.

This means users will get to experience a system-on-a-chip driver that is more efficient than ever before.  Realtek audio drivers feature more powerful and advanced core technologies such as analogue and mixed signal design; circuit design and process expertise; and system knowledge and IP.

Commitment to Quality

These audio drivers are also included in more than 900 worldwide patents of the company, a clear sign of the brand’s continuing commitment to technological innovations and breakthroughs. Realtek is also in the process of enhancing its application capabilities to integrate audio, video, and communication system technology into system-on-a-chip solutions.

Product quality is not the only great thing about Realtek audio drivers.  It also offers customer support for hardware and software, development tools and technical services.  They won’t have to worry.  If their sound hardware will bog down at the middle of the night, there is a customer support ready to assist them right away.

To check if your sound card is working properly, you can download our Driver Scan Tool and it will search your PC for all the hardware installed, including their audio driver.  By using this driver scan tool, they can make sure that their audio driver is working well or is updated, without any hassle.


Resolving DVD-ROM Problems for Windows XP

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Despite the proliferation of high-speed internet access that allows computer users to download massive amounts of data, including their programs, video games, and videos, CDs and DVDs are still far and away among the preferred ways of transferring large files, installing applications, and enjoying movies and music. For this reason, a working DVD-ROM drive is an absolute must for anybody reliant on their computer for either work or entertainment. With recent innovations such as dual layer DVDs and high-capacity Blu-ray discs, a lot of people are upgrading their older optical drives for newer models.

Windows XP: Getting Old

Unfortunately, computer users still running Windows XP have been experiencing trouble getting their new drives to work with their systems. This can be attributed to the age of the operating system. As reliable and beloved as it is, Windows XP is beginning to show its age, especially in the realm of hardware support. The good news is, you can still upgrade to a newer DVD-ROM drive if you follow the following steps

Ensure Compatibility

DVD-ROM drives are made by a large number of manufacturers, each with their own specific ways of doing things, affecting not just performance and price, but compatibility as well. So before you go off and purchase a new DVD drive for your PC, you might want to pop over to this website, which is Microsoft’s exhaustive list of all the devices that are compatible with Windows XP. If the drive you’re thinking about getting is new, then it might not yet be listed on the catalog yet. Be sure to check the list for updates before making any other future purchases.

Windows XP has been the subject of 3 official service packs and numerous other updates. While most of these upgrades concern themselves with improving the operating system’s security and functionality, it also updates its library of drivers, which in turn makes it compatible with the newest devices and technologies. To update your copy of Windows XP, you can visit Microsoft’s dedicated webpage here.

Update Your Drivers

Since drivers are the software that allows your devices to interface properly with your operating system, they are absolutely necessary. The device’s driver might not be properly installed, or might be in need of some updating itself. The best way to do this would be to visit the website of your DVD drive’s manufacturer, go to their downloads or support page, pick out the right driver for your device and operating system combination, download it, and then install it.

If that task sounds like a handful or an unacceptable strain on your time, then you should be glad to hear that you don’t really need to bother with it anymore. Just download our user-friendly Driver Scan Tool and it will check out your system to see if all your device drivers are compatible and up to date. No more wasted hours of figuring out the problem anymore. Give it a try and see what a hassle-free computing experience is all about.