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Adolix PDF Converter Driver Update

September 27th, 2010 No comments

While office works and school research papers have to be organized, having them prepared for printing can be quite tricky since printed documents don’t come out the way they should be in some cases. For that reason, it is necessary for office workers and students to turn their documents into PDF files before producing hard copies for the document or presentation.

When a certain file is converted to PDF, everything in that document is preserved, including the contents, format, fonts as well as the style. Today, many students, home and business owners are integrating a software to their PC that should enable them to turn different files into PDF.

With all the PDF converting software on the market today, Adolix PDF Converter is one of the unique software that lets users print a certain file from MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel as well as from other programs via Adolix virtual printer. It also allows users to edit pages, customize resolution, send files through email and turn PDF pages to image files as well, including JPG, BMP and TIFF. In addition, this software can also be used to save HTML files since PDF takes less space on the disk while keeping all the contents and formatting.

Adolix PDF Converter 4.5 comes with a downloadable Demo Version. Unless you decide to buy either it’s standard or PRO version, watermarks will appear on each page. Simply go to this link if you want to experience the benefits of this unique software.

On the other hand, if you decide to buy the Standard version for only $29.95, or the PRO version for only $49.95, watermarks will no longer appear on each page, no more nag screens and you will also have discounts to future Adolix PDF Converter versions as well as technical support.

Adolix PDF Converter 4.5 was released on September 27, 2010. It supports Windows XP or later and can be installed to non-administrative users. Download it here.


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Driver Manager Application Update

September 6th, 2010 No comments

The Driver Manager Application can be used with the I-Button Reader in order to translate encrypted code from the I-Buttons. New features are also added in order for the codes to be stored in a database. The original version of this software don’t have the capability to copy the decrypted code. This makes it more convenient for the fleet managers grab hold of the code as well as to collect the information for every driver linked to the tag.

Driver Manager Application 1.0 was released on September 6, 2010 and it is still free to download on this site. It can be installed on any PC that runs on Windows 2003 and Windows XP operating systems.

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