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Minoru Driver Update

February 28th, 2009 No comments

Minoru is the world’s first 3D web camera from Promotion and Display Technology based in Salford, Greater Manchester. In Japanese, Minoru means “Reality”. This product was launched in January 2009 in Las Vegas where it won at the Consumer Electronics Show the award as the “Fans Favorite”.

The Minoru application does have user’s guide in Spanish, English, Italian and German languages as well as Setup Wizard, Driver and Recording Application. Minoru supports features like new side by side modes, 2D, Picture in Picture and 3D Anaglyph.

This can be hooked using a USB port of a computer and has dual cameras built-in the likes of the human eyes which are held together in a Wall-E like platform. It has 30 frames per second and an output image from 320 x 240 to 800 x 600 pixels, respectively. This Web camera has a built-in USB microphone, 2 x high quality wide-angle lens, and 2 x VGA 640 x 480 CMOS sensors. Minoru can be used effectively when it is 3 feet from the object to be taken.

This latest update of Minoru 2.0.1 version was added February 28, 2009 and was released on the 28th of the same month and year. This application works on Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Minoru is a camera driver that cost nothing to download so you can use it right away and for as long as you want to. You can download your updated Minoru here to start using its features and experience its benefits today.


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Sprint SmartView Driver Update

February 27th, 2009 No comments

Many tech savvy people nowadays consider mobile internet as their lifeline to the world. For the past few years, they rely on Sprint to provide their mobile data connection. For most users, the speed and coverage they received from EVDO rev A capable data card has been satisfying.

A main reason why many people chose Sprint is that it offers “unlimited” data. Verizon, on the other hand had redefined “unlimited” to equal 5GB. Soon Sprint had mandated a 5GB usage cap as well and therefore, Sprint and Verizon have started to charge overages to anyone who exceeds the 5GB limit.

Now, Sprint has advanced in limiting their customers in using their service. The SmartView 1.20.0016 driver update has no release notes or new features. But after you install the software, Sprint has the gall that keeps you from using the connection sharing feature in Mac OS.

The latest SmartView update even disconnects the EVDO connection if a local Wi-Fi connection is established to another device.

Luckily, Mac OS has a supported built-in driver for many EVDO cards. When using the Apple-provided driver, things will keep on working normally. On some laptops, users don’t mind installing Sprint’s SmartView driver updates and are still able to connect, share data, and use Wi-Fi without having much trouble.

Sprint SmartView is developed by Sprint and is used by Software Informer users. The most popular version of this product is 2.5. Executable files included in this program are RunElevated.exe, SprintSV.exe. Reviews for this driver update are not yet released by the informers.

In the meantime, you might want to use its previous version 1.20.0016. You can download this software from this site and create a high-speed Internet connection for your computer anywhere on the Sprint 3G network with your Smartphone as Modem Plan.

Sprint SmartView 1.20.0016 features include one-click activation for supported Apple and Windows devices as well as GPS features and services are provided at the touch of a button for GPS-enabled devices. It also provides easy Sprint Wi-Fi connections anywhere around the world if you grab this plan on a pay-as-you-go basis. It can provide you access to Sprint support services and tools as well through the Application section. Moreover, it lets you modify theEnterprise  custom configuration. Simply contact the Sprint Account Manager for more info.

When installing Sprint SmartView on Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista, select the option “Run as Administrator” in order to install this network driver update. This driver was updated February 27, 2009.


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Colasoft MAC Scanner Pro Driver Update

February 25th, 2009 No comments

The Colasoft MAC Scanner Pro from Colasoft is a tool for MAC address and Internet Protocol address scanning. This detects automatically all subnets based on the configured Internet Protocol addresses on various machine NICs and Internet Protocol addresses and MAC addresses scanning of subnets defined as required. This is CNET’s first release version.

Colasoft MAC Scanner Pro is so simple to use and professional scanner for Internet Protocol for users of Windows and MAC. This product makes the work of network administrators more efficient through local network multithread scanning and MAC addresses list gathering with corresponding Internet Protocol addresses.

With Colasoft MAC Scanner Pro, you can effectively and easily obtain a complete network scan along with relevant data like the manufacturer, host name, internet protocol address, MAC Address and more. This would be very useful for the maintenance of a network and future reference. Also, this works as a useful network tool for checking access of illegal networks through comparison of various scanning results.

Colasoft MAC Scanner Pro brings you an advance user experience because it provides you with very friendly and simple-straight interface. This tool can list both MAC and Internet Protocol addresses with their seconds correlation through sending ARP queries to a specific subnet and listens to the responses of the ARP. The results of scanning can be attached and edited with features appearing where the host is and the user himself.

Scan results can be maintained as database files easily with the database feature of Colasoft MAC Scanner Pro. This can easily recognize alien network equipment which does not belong to your local network by automatically comparing new scan results with the database records.

This latest update of Colasoft MAC Scanner Pro 2.2 Build 315 version was added February 25, 2009 and was released on the 26th of the same month and year. This application works on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000.

Colasoft MAC Scanner Pro is a network driver free to try and costs $29.95 to purchase. You can download your updated Colasoft MAC Scanner Pro here to start using its features and experience its benefits today.

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WisePrint PDF Advanced Driver Update

February 24th, 2009 No comments

The WisePrint PDF Advanced is a powerful small virtual printer driver from MyMediaSoft exclusively made for Microsoft Windows only. This not only enable users to layout various pages on a single page of paper, but it can easily save image files such as .emf, .png, .bmp, .jpg, etc or printing pages to Adobe PDF files. With this application, the user can save money and time on printing tasks and printing works turn out to be done easily.

This latest update of WisePrint PDF Advanced 1.1 version was added February 24, 2009 and was released on the 25th of the same month and year. This application works on Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista.

WisePrint PDF Advanced is a printer driver free to try with Watermark on output and costs $46 to purchase. You can download your updated WisePrint PDF Advanced here to start using its features and experience its benefits today.


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Wireless Broadcom 4312 v4.170.25.19 Vista x32/x64 Driver Update

February 19th, 2009 No comments

The Acer Aspire 5735 is a low-cost notebook that features a 15.6” WXGA glossy display, with 16:9 aspect ratio, 1366×768 resolution as well as model AUO10EC. This device costs no more than $500. It has an excellent build, weighs only 5.9 lbs and has a full keyboard with a numerical pad as well as a long battery life.

The Aspire 5735 runs on Intel Pentium Dual-Core Duo T6400 processor with 2.0GHz, 2MB L2 cache and 800MHz FSB. It also has 2GB DDR2-667 RAM, a 160GB 5400RPM Western Digital WD1600BEVT HDD as well as a DVD Super-Multi drive. This notebook is also powered by Intel GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics, Intel GL40 chipset and it is preinstalled with 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium.

The Acer Aspire 5735 comes with a one-year limited warranty. Other notebook models may have higher-end settings, bigger hard drive volumes and more RAM. However, since they are naturally priced higher, the Aspire 5735 is definitely worth more than you pay for.

However, you may still want to optimize the performance of its hardware by checking the hardware for their latest updates. There are certain cases that some computer systems slow down due to outdated drivers. Therefore, in order to make sure that all hardware is up to date, check out this driver scanner and get the latest updates for your system. The Driver Update Utility is sold for only $29.99, but you can still experience some of its unique features by downloading its free version.

While most notebooks nowadays, including the Aspire 5735, is Wi-Fi ready, you might want to install the Broadcom WLAN Driver This software was released on February 19, 2009. It comes in a zip file, so you might want to download the appropriate application to open the compressed file, and you could download the flashget application as well to boost your download speed.

If your notebook runs on 32 or 64-bit Windows 2000, XP, 2003, NT,Vista or 7, then you shouldn’t have any problems with the installation. But to make sure that you install this driver update safely, set a system restore point. Here’s a gradual procedure on how to install Broadcom WLAN Driver on your Acer Aspire 5335 Notebook.

First, determine your Broadcom Network Card device model as well as your operating system. Browse and find the Network Card Drivers then select Acer Aspire 5335 Notebook Broadcom WLAN Driver and wait a few moments while the driver is being installed. Restart the computer to complete the installation.

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Drivers for Windows XP

February 18th, 2009 No comments

The drivers for your computer have to match the operating system on your machine. This means that changing your operating system would require you to change the drivers of all the computer hardware installed on your computer as well. This is the biggest drawback of updating an operating system in favor of the newly released platforms. Some hardware doesn’t even have drivers for the newer OS versions. Those devices then become unusable unless the manufacturer comes up with a driver update for your new operating system.

Here are some tips about a few popular operating systems:

  • Windows Vista: Although there are many Windows Vista driver downloads available from the Internet, some older hardware proves ineffective under this operating system. If you have one of these devices, you are forced to replace it with something that is compatible with Windows Vista.
  • Windows XP: This  is the most widely used operating system these days. The biggest issue users are encountering with this platform is usually related to the newer LCD monitors. To solve these issues, try visiting the manufacturer’s website and see if they have the Windows XP monitor driver that you need and download it.
  • Other operating systems: You probably won’t find any driver updates for the older Windows 98 software anytime in the future. Most users of Windows 98 have shifted to other operating systems, so manufacturers rarely take time to release Windows 98 driver updates for their hardware. However, Windows 98 driver downloads are still being offered over the Internet today. (A driver download just reinstalls the driver to your computer. It will not update your driver.) The same is true for Windows NT drivers. (Which is much older than Windows 98.) The process of updating, repairing, restoring, and installing drivers under this platform is a little different from the usual steps applied to the later Windows program. If you still have this OS installed on your computer and would need to update some of the drivers for some reasons, it is advised that you read the detailed instructions on how to go about it first.
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X10Receiver.NET Driver Update

February 14th, 2009 No comments

The X10Receiver.NET is an application and developed by German students from X10Receiver.NET that control the computer with X10/other remote controls and it’s very easy to use with wizards to configure the easily to control ZoomPlayer, CinePlayer, Windows Media Player (WMP), ClogAmp, Windows Media Center, Foobar2000, Winamp, MediMonkey, VideoLAN Client (VLC media player), iTunes, Nero ShowTime, SilverJuke, PowerPoint and PowerDVD.

X10Receiver.NET is user-friendly having comprehensive user manual, wizards make setup easy, wizards for trouble shooting, simple user interface, first setup requires only 12 mouse clicks and assign functions using drag-drop.

This is very flexible with many remotes supported, compatible to all established Windows versions (XP – Windows 7), many applications supported, compatible to Windows x64, open plugin interfaces and extended with plug-ins.

X10Receiver.NET is lean with a user interface exclusively loaded and needed for configuration, usually, only a tiny core is active; only new files are updated, no scripting languages or parsers are used to execute commands, plug-ins are not loaded until they are needed and due to direct links, actions are executed a lot faster.

Its other features include turning other devices on or off with a relay card on LPT port, Phonepad-like text input function, Networking with TCP and UDP, Mouse control with arrow keys, Windows functions (Shutdown, volume, etc.), Keyboard simulation, File system functions, Window and application control (start, close, minimize, maximize, window messages), OSD for notifications, menus and timer settings and Multi assignment of buttons and conditional execution (OutputHandling).

This latest update of X10Receiver.NET 2 version was added February 14, 2009 and was released on the 15th of the same month and year. This application works on Windows Server 2008, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2000.

X10Receiver.NET is a keyboard driver is free to try for 30 days with corresponding charges after trial period. You can download your updated X10Receiver.NET here to start using its features and experience its benefits today.


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File Attributes Driver Update

February 12th, 2009 No comments

Each file is stored in a directory and uses an entry that describes its characteristics, including its name and size. The directory entry has a pointer of the file location on the disk. One of the characteristics stored for each file is a set of file attributes that provides information about on the operating system and how they are used.

For instance, the OS records the file’s size, extension, the date it was created as well as when it is recently modified. File permissions are recorded as well. In some cases, other attributes can be changed or added, including comments and other labels.

The use of attributes is manageable, which means that any software application can access the directory entry to check the files’ attributes, allowing them to come up with wise decisions on how to treat the file. For instance, a file management program’s deleting tool that comes across a read-only system file would at least warn the user before deleting it. The following are brief descriptions of each attribute contained by each file and directories.

Read-Only. read-only programs would usually deletion or modification. In some cases, it can still allow users to modify or delete the file, only after confirmation.

Hidden. if the file is marked hidden, then it is hidden from view under normal circumstances.

System. Any file that has this attribute is critical and more serious than that with read-only flag. Such files are not to be altered or deleted from the disk.

Volume Label. All disk volume can have an identifying label. The volume label is stored in the root directory as a file entry along with the label attribute set.

Directory. This is the bit that differentiates between entries that describe files and those that describe subdirectories within the current directory. In theory you can convert a file to a directory by changing this bit. Of course in practice, trying to do this would result in a mess–the entry for a directory has to be in a specific format.

Archive. This is a special bit that is used as a “communications link” between software applications that modify files, and those that are used for backup.

Most of the attributes for files can be modified using the DOS ATTRIB command, or by using third-party software, such as the File Attributes 3.1. This program lets you modify all the attributes of files or directories instead of those that are only shown in file properties.

The program also supports various skins and keeps the position of the windows that were viewed when they are reopened. Compared to its previous version, File Attributes 3.1 has an improved user interface. This software is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows NT, Windows XP as well as Windows Vista.

File Attributes 3.1 is a disk storage driver update released on February 12, 2009. It comes with a 30-day trial period, but you can purchase its full version for only $9.99.

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RTI RIP-Kit Driver Update

February 6th, 2009 No comments

Global Graphics Software is the developer of Harlequin RIP (Raster Image Processor) software for over 20 years, setting the standard for performance and quality in the most demanding environments. They providing pre-press and print jobs with the functionality and power they require to make their operations run efficiently.

Global Graphics aims to give on-line resource to their clients that can be used in order to exchange knowledge, share experience and discuss about the issues on the use of the Harlequin RIP and, ultimately, even help shape its progress in the future.

The Harlequin RIP was first named “ScriptWorks” during 1990 as a command-line application to turn PostScript files under Unix. This program was developed by Harlequin, until it was later bought by Global Graphics in 1999. Today, the developers behind Harlequin RIP are more than willing to provide their clients with the features and extra benefits that they need across all their printing and pre-press jobs.

While Harlequin RIP continues to outrun other RIP software in terms of flexibility and processing speeds, the program also offers PDF output, TIFF output for CTP, color management, trapping, advanced screening, CIP3 and Print Production workflow options that run within the RIP instead on separate applications, saving you precious time and money.

Harlequin RIP-Kit is a PostScript 3, XPS and PDF compatible RIP, or Raster Image Processor, both Windows and Mac operating systems. It can support up to more than 300 output devices such as inkjet proofers, thermal devices, printing presses, platesetters, imagesetters as well as other prepress equipment.

RIP-Kit allows users to manage more than one output device with just one RIP. This application contains pre-configured color profiles for different standard paper types that offer excellent color matching right outside of the box.

The Harlequin RIP has processed PostScript files natively since 1988 and PDF files natively since 1997, including producing live PDF transparency since 2002. It also handles XPS, the native Microsoft print and document format.

With RIP-Kit version 8.0, users can now change the color settings manually within the application to suit their certain needs better. This software also allows users to preview jobs before printing and offers built-in ganging (nesting) with its roll media saving.

This printer driver update was released on February 06, 2009. It comes with a free downloadable pack. However, this only lasts for 30 days and outputs will have to bear the product’s watermark. Therefore, to get the full benefits of this product you might as well buy iThis software works on any computer system that has any of the following operating systems: Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Moreover, you may want to check the other hardware if they have the correct updates using this Driver Update Scanner. This comes with a free version wherein each driver update would have to be installed manually. But then again, it is highly recommended that you get the full version in order to have the updates downloaded and installed automatically. This only costs $29.99 USD, valid for an entire year. You can go for the second year for just $9.99 USD.


Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam Driver Update

February 4th, 2009 No comments

The Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam is an application developed by Promotion and Display Technology. The world’s first 3D webcam which means “Reality” in Japanese term that supports Picture in Picture Modes, 2D and 3D Anaglyph. This software includes English only User’s Guide, Driver, Setup Wizard and Recording Application. Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam is the initial released version included on the CD shipped with the product.

You can connect Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam to your personal computer and your friend will come alive along with his eyes that light up and he will be seeing you in 3Dimension form. Your relatives and acquaintances can now see you in 3D with all your favourite messaging programs such as OoVoo, Windows Live Messenger, AOL instant messenger, Skype, and many more. Now, taking 3D photos or shooting 3D videos and upload them to YouTube and other video-based sites is now a possibility.

Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam connects very easy to your PC’s USB port just like any other webcam but it also has limitations. Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam software has stereoscopic anaglyphic processing that lets you be seen in three dimensions. The red and cyan anaglyph image produced by Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam can be viewed by anybody who is wearing commonly available red and cyan 3D glasses (five pairs included free with Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam). Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam can also be used as a standard 2D webcam for anyone who doesn’t have the 3D glasses at hand. Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam will appeal equally to the 3D novice and the stereoscopy enthusiast alike.

This latest update of Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam 1.0.16 version was added February 04, 2009 and was released on the same date. This application works on Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam is a camera driver that cost nothing to download so you can use it right away and for as long as you want to. You can download your updated Novo – Minoru 3D Webcam here to start using its features and experience its benefits today.


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