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How to roll back a device driver

January 3rd, 2008 No comments

People often wonder what to do next if you update your drivers and continue to have problems with your computer and/or device. Here’s how to roll back the hardware driver. (Rest assured, there is nothing scary about rolling back your driver. If it doesn’t fix your problem, you can always update back to the latest version. Remember that the latest version isn’t always the best. The best driver is what works best for you and the combination of your machine and device.)

  • Log on to your computer as an administrator
  • Click Start, right-click My Computer, and click Manage
  • Under System Tools, click Device Manager
  • In the right window, expand any category to find the hardware you need to roll back. Right-click the device, and click Properties
  • In the Properties dialog box, click the Driver tab, and click Roll Back Driver
  • When prompted, click Yes
  • Click Close
  • Restart your computer. Windows will now use the previous version of your driver.
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