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Download Adaptec ASPI Drivers -4.71.2

June 25th, 2004 No comments

Adaptec released the ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) 4.71.2 drivers that includes ASPICHK version checking utility. This new version differs from the older versions because of the enabled tagged queuing for read/write commands feature. This updated ASPI driver is free of charge for all Adaptec product users; however, the manufacturer provides no technical assistance about this software.

Installation Instructions

Note: Default file extracts to the c:\adaptec\ directory. If you have changed this directory, you need to note the new location.

1. If your Operating System is Windows 98, NT 4.0, ME or 2000, use the enclosed ASPIINST.EXE file to install the ASPI layer
2. If your Operating System is Windows XP, select Start – Run from the menu, and then the Browse button.
3. Then locate the file (INSTALL.BAT) in the directory the files extracted to.
4. Select OPEN button
5. Add a space and either XP32 for Pentium I/II/III/IV processors or XP64 for Titanium processors in the command box. The command should look like: c:\adaptec\aspi\install.bat XP32 or c:\adaptec\aspi\install.bat XP64.
6. Then select OK button to run the XP installer.

Download file name: aspi_471a2.exe
Date Released: August 08, 2003
Operating System Specifications: Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP.
Devices supported: CD/DVD ROMS
Additional Requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP, Supported CD recorder, Supported Adaptec SCSI card or Easy CD Creator
Estimated Download Time:
Modem (56k) – 9 seconds
DSL (256k) – less than 5 seconds
T1 (1.4Mb) – less than 5 seconds

Click here to download the Adaptec ASPI Drivers -4.71.2.
Click here to download a tool that will check your drivers for needed updates.