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Creating professional-looking documents needs a large investment and dedicated staff. That’s why FujiXerox came up with the DCC400/320 to remove those hurdles. This device revolutionizes document creation by combining print, copy, fax and scan with color. As the first true multi-function device, it is capable of fulfilling all your document creation needs.

Under the hood, the machine is driven by Twin-drive micro-tandem technology to produce professional quality without compromising speed. The 400MHz Power PC processor means users can output up to 40 black and white, or 22 full-colour images per minute.

The DCC400/320 cuts the ties that bind you to your printer. Using industry-standard IPP printing and ‘email printing’, users can be in the next office or the next country and print as easily as being next to the device.

Now users can print PDFs without having to open Acrobat reader. The DCC400/320 will do the rest, automatically analyzing, processing and printing the files. It’s even easier with the use of email, simply mail or route the messages to the Document Centre for automatic printing.

This feature permits users to set control measures for managing costs on printing, copying, scanning and faxing on the DCC400/320. They can manage the usage rights of up to 1000 users, by configuring the system to limit the output of the copy types as well as the quantity of output for various users.

An invaluable feature in today’s office, secure print allows for the printing of confidential documents, through the activation of a pre-allocated password at the system’s operating panel. Users can allocate passwords of their choice to any confidential print jobs stored at the DCC400/320 and the documents can be printed on demand.

Sample of documents can also be printed for checking before proceeding to bulk printing. It’s yet another innovative feature that effectively controls wastage, and help manage costs.

The DCC400/320 can be directed to commence printing at any specified time. You will find this feature particularly useful for automated printing of time-critical, larger scale print jobs during off-peak hours, which helps reduce congestion during the working day.

Anyone using FX Document Centre C400 PS, FX Document Centre C320 PS or FX Document Centre C240 PS, these machines could use the dcc400_w2k-xp_2227_ps driver package 2.2.2. This printer driver should help users get the most out of the hardware and avoid system failures. It can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s site, or from this link.

This printer driver update was released on  July 28, 2003  and it can be installed on Windows 2000,  Windows XP,  Windows NT and Windows 2003.

In addition, if downloading the hardware driver manually would be difficult, a driver update tool, such as the one from this link can help download and safely install the appropriate driver of any computer hardware. This application can make driver updates and installations less hassle for users.

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